Posted by Jerry Porter (PE) on Jun 17, 2017
An amazing experience, even if you are not a crowd person.   About 43,000+ Rotarians from across the world convened at Atlanta, Georgia to enjoy and participate in fellowship, training and activities.   There were candle-light vigils, sponsored runs, tours of local sites, super speakers, uncountable numbers of vendors, general and topical sessions and lots of walking, stair climbing or escalator rides.
The Assembly's main, overall focus was Polio Eradication.   So far in 2017, Polio has been reported in only two countries.   But until it is totally eradicated, it still could return.   Several western countries, including the US, is immunizing only about 80% of its children, leaving a hole for Polio to return.
The Assembly was designed to rally, motivate, inspire and pump up Rotarians to go the extra mile, to be real Rotarians, living out the RI motto, Service Above Self.   And it did accomplish that.   With all the current, negative, violent domestic and international news in all of the media, the Assembly restores our optimism that people are still willingly serving others and accomplishing good world wide.